We are a Refuge of Tradition

I grew up in the house of Palmatambo, Pozuzo watching as many tourists and travelers came from places that seemed very distant and were delighted to find a refuge like that in the middle of so much forest. The arrival of a visitor to the house was reason to prepare a banquet, gather family and friends, receive it and make it feel at home. The special hospitality of my mother, affectionately called Moidala, impressed everyone who came, so much so, that some who came for a day or two, stayed for three or four months, until the arrival of the sad farewell, when we wait for the last curve of the road to tell us Goodbye.

When we moved to Oxapampa, to the house of our beloved Antonio Brack, it was like settling in a shelter, its beautiful gardens full of plants and exotic animals made us feel at home and that's how the illusion of opening the doors to accommodate travelers began. all the world.

Carolina Egg Gasthaus was born to preserve the spaces of Antonio, and the traditions of our house: The aroma of past coffee, the German language we spoke and the taste of freshly baked sweets and breads.

I wanted each space to have its own personality and to remind us of some event or person that had importance in this place, which had been part of our history. That's why I chose the characters and places closest to the family and the people, to fill our rooms and our bungalows with them. Each one leads us to know a story, in a place, in a moment.

Welcome to our Refuge of tradition, from now on, you are at home.

Our Orchard

Our Bungalows

Our Pool

Our Restaurant

Artisanal & Healthy Food

The food we serve is carefully chosen within the variety of products that are grown in the valleys of Oxapampa and its districts depending on the seasons and harvests. The local producers provide us with coffee, cheese, butter, milk, yogurt, honey and bee pollen, sugarcane honey, fruit and vegetables, meat and eggs from farm hens. At home, we continue to prepare the recipes of our grandparents using our traditional wood-burning stove. Breads, torrejitas, fruit cakes, biscuits, jams of our exotic fruits, our sausages, ham, cecina and other products with the original recipes of Tirol. The combination of these ingredients and our traditional recipes make our guests always remember our breakfast as the best they have tasted.

We Contribute to Sustainability

We are committed to the conservation of the environment and have put into practice actions to minimize our impact. In our spaces we grow plants and fruits like granadillas, tumbitos, avocados, bananas, blackberries, papayitas, quito quito, vegetables, aromatic, among others that we use in our kitchen. We have a controlled energy consumption system in common areas and energy saving lamps in all environments, we use solar panels to heat the hot springs, we use biodegradable household detergents and disinfectants, we separate organic solid waste to be used as fertilizers in gardens and we recycle bottles , tires and other materials to give them other uses.

Hotel Services

Carolina Egg Gasthaus is a space to conserve and share the traditions of our family, based on respect for people and the environment.

  • Typical buffet breakfast
  • Rooms and independent bungalows
  • Wireless internet areas
  • Solar-heated pool
  • Bonfire area
  • Playground for children
  • lookout
  • Laundry
  • Restaurant (We offer lunches and dinners for groups, by reservation)
  • Dances Tiroleses (For groups and previous reservation)
  • Parking lot