Nearby Attractions

Forest Sho'llet

El Bosque del Sho'llet, which means Queen of colored snails, was called El Pajonal, named after a Yanesha legend and has eight thousand hectares of forest with a wide diversity of flora and fauna. It is located in a zone of constant mists so that it constitutes a source of water collection.

El León Waterfall

It consists of two 16m falls with deep pools of fresh water surrounded by lush jungle vegetation. The mist formed by the fall of water added to the rays of the sun forms the colors of the rainbow.

Anana Waterfall

Excellent place to enjoy a refreshing swim in a natural pool of crystal clear waters with a waterfall of 45 meters surrounded by a beautiful wild landscape. It is an excursion that takes all day.

Waterfall of Rio Tigre

On a sunny day, one of the best options is to visit this waterfall, located in the sector of La Cañera, 20 minutes by car from Oxapampa. There are very entertaining walks in which visitors can connect with nature and close with a flourish at the waterfall.

Dolphin Waterfall

To reach the Dolphin Waterfall, you need mobility from Prussia to the hydroelectric power station of Delfin, from where you can appreciate the majesty of the Huancabamba Canyon, the deepest of the jungle.The trek lasts one hour, and several livestock farms are traversed. The waterfall has a drop of 100 meters and you can take a refreshing swim in the natural pools.

The Wharapo

They have a trapiche that dates back to 1890 and consists of a hydraulic wheel that moves the mechanism where the sugar cane is squeezed, whose juice, after being fermented, becomes the pleasant wharapo, among other derivatives of sugarcane.

Coffee Plantations

Villa Rica is known as the land of the finest coffee in the world and is 37 km from Oxapampa. These farms are organized through the "Coffee Route" and provide various services lodging, food and tours to coffee plantations where you can learn about the production process of this aromatic grain accompanied by coffee growers.

Laguna El Oconal

Located at the base of Villa Rica, it is the ideal place to take relaxing boat trips, appreciating in this way the great diversity of migratory birds and flora that shelters this beautiful place.

Schaferer Museum

It keeps belongings of the first settlers such as tools, utensils, ceramics and photos. They also exhibit vestiges of cultures previous to the European presence. It was built by the members of the Mutual Aid Society. Next to it is the Cemetery of the colonists and the House of Culture.

Bottger Orchid

Located in the passage Las Palmeras, Oxapampa, has a variety of orchids in the area.


It is said that it was a refuge for the roosters of the rocks, hence its name. In the interior several speleothems are observed and it has been conditioned with adequate accesses.


Yanachaga Social Project - PROSOYA, is a German social aid project aimed at low-income children and young people, in order to provide quality education and values education. As part of the teaching they learn trades such as carpentry, agriculture and beekeeping. You can visit them and see the work they do at the hacienda. In addition, they have a restaurant and lodging.


Framed by a beautiful tropical countryside is located the Prussia neighborhood, the gateway to the town of Pozuzo, where the typical Tyrolean style and its homes draw attention. There are various services and is the starting point to various tourist attractions.

Town of Huancabamba

It was the first capital of Oxapampa and here the traditional horseback riding tournament was born, it is located just 27 km from Oxapampa and it is reached by following the road that leads to Pozuzo. It has attractions such as the ruins of old haciendas, PROSOYA and Ranchería. It is definitely an excellent option to have a great day.

Emperor William I Bridge

It is hanging type and was built in 1877 thanks to a donation from Emperor William I of Germany. It has a length of 63.5m and joins the banks of the Huancabamba river.

Recreo Green Adventure

There you will visit the tree hut which, in turn, serves as a viewpoint. You can swim in the Chontabamba River, take an exciting 600-meter canopy tour and, to increase the adrenaline, make the scale in mesh and rappel through the tree.

Yanachaga Chemillén National Park

If you are one of the people who have an adventurous spirit, you like nature and especially walking, this is an excellent option. It is a protected area created in 1986 by Antonio Brack Egg and covers an area of ​​122,000 hectares. It houses more than 1,000 species of flora, more than 400 species of birds and more than 80 species of mammals, highlighting orchids and emblematic species such as spectacled bears and the cock of the rocks. One of the nearby routes is the access by San Alberto, four blocks from Carolina Egg Gasthaus. The hike allows you to observe the Oxapampa Valley and several streams surrounded by trees, butterflies, birds, insects and if you are lucky, a mammal. The complete route lasts between 8 and 10 hours, but it is also possible to carry out only one part if the conditions are not met. Center for Training in Conservation and Sustainable Development. It is located a few blocks from the hotel, near the buffer zone of the Yanachaga Chemillen National Park, San Alberto Sector. They offer theoretical-practical courses and activities of reforestation, workshop of fungi and lichens of the forest, discovering the orchids of the forest cloudy, composting and biol, organic garden, sustainable construction with bottles, the world of the forest canopy (tree climbing) and campfire.

Remains of Punchao

They are the remains of a trapiche built in the mid-nineteenth century with the technique of calicanto in stone and clay bricks cooked. You can still see the channel through which the water was moved to generate force that was used in several tasks. It was a force that was used in several tasks.